Communico Draft bookings

As we open the meeting rooms for public bookings please be aware that any DRAFT bookings you have not submitted need to either deleted or submitted for processing. Draft bookings do block the room you have chosen making the room unavailable for others to use. 

It would also be a good time for you to review any other bookings you have and let me know if you have setup changes.

If you need to cancel any Approved Event booking please not only Cancel the booking to free up the meeting room, but Unpublish the booking so the booking does not display on the Events listing on the library’s website. If you need to Cancel a Reserve booking simply cancel. If you do not want your Reserve booking to display on the digital room card next to the meeting room you are cancelling, you will need to Delete the booking.

Please contact Bonnie Cuevas if you have any questions I am working 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday so reach me at or call my phone number 580-4495. Thanks for all your help!

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