Plaza & Claire’s Courtyard Update

The Plaza is open!

There was a flurry of activity in the Plaza today getting everything finalized.  Painters touched up the baseboards and construction crews finished up a few details and cleaned up.  We also installed the checkout kiosks, security gates, and shelving units.  After the shelving units were installed, staff moved the Bestseller Express, DVD Express, and Large Print Express onto the new shelving.  We have also put up three displays in the area, that will rotate on a regular basis..

At this time we have two self-check kiosks in the Plaza.  Eventually we will have four.  One should be installed on Friday, September 13.  The final kiosk will be installed at sometime in the near future.  There is also some work that still needs to be done on the installation of the security gates, and the gates computer, but that should be completed within the next week.

There is still some work to be done in the area, such as the installation of monitors on south wall of the Plaza, facing the rotunda.  We will get these items taken care of over the next few weeks.  We also still have to do the punch list with our contractor, so there might be some additional work that they need to complete.  However, we have a certificate of occupancy, so the space has passed inspection with the City of Topeka.  We’ll live in the space for a while and we can evaluate how everything is working and see if there are any tweaks that need to be made.  Thanks to everyone who helped get everything ready to open the space today!

Claire’s Courtyard

The Courtyard is not officially complete, but it is extremely close.  The only thing we are waiting on is for the floor in the sun room to be sealed.  After that we will be ready to open to the public.

We have a private event planned for Friday, September 13, in the evening.  This will be the reception for the authors of the Kansas Book Festival.  The floor won’t be finished, but it will be able to be used for this event.

On Monday, September 16, crews will begin sealing the floor in the sun room.  We plan to open the outdoor portion of the courtyard that day, and then open the sun room once the floor is ready for traffic.  It looks like we should be able to open everything by Wednesday, September 18.

The space looks amazing!  Maintenance staff installed the umbrellas on the tables on the side of the patio, and it really adds a fun pop of color to the courtyard.  Thanks to maintenance for installing these tables and umbrellas so quickly.  Those tables are pretty heavy.

The water feature has also been installed, and it looks great!  I think it will be a very popular part of the courtyard.

The City of Topeka has also completed their inspection of the courtyard and we have received our certificate of occupancy for this space as well.    Once again, there may be a few minor things that need to be done after we have opened the space, but nothing that should interfere with the use of the space.

This type of outdoor space is completely new for us, so it will take some getting used to and I’m sure we will have to make some changes as we evaluate how things are working.  Thanks to everyone on staff for all of your patience and hard work during these construction projects.  I think the public is really going to be impressed and excited with our new spaces.




4 thoughts on “Plaza & Claire’s Courtyard Update

  1. kathryn-barnes on said:

    It looks great! Will one, or both kiosks be taller? A taller kiosk is really better for some of our patrons. Thanks!

  2. Rhonda Cathey on said:

    So many exciting changes! Will the west side parking lot along Claire’s Courtyard be open soon?