Claire’s Courtyard Rules

With the addition of Claire’s Courtyard there are many questions about how the space will function and the rules and procedures.  We have created an initial set of procedures as a starting point for how the courtyard will operate.  We will be evaluating the space and can make additions or changes if something needs to be adjusted.  Thank you all for being patient during this process and helping to implement this wonderful new space.

Food and Drink

  • The rules for food and drink in the courtyard are the same as what we apply to the library. The customer code of conduct policy states that “snacks and drinks with lids or caps are allowed… Snacks are small packaged items like chips, cookies and other vending machine type items. Also allowed are small food items not requiring utensils. Snacks are NOT fast food, restaurant meals or ice cream.”
  • We will have a fairly generous interpretation of the “small food items not requiring utensils” portion of the policy for the courtyard.  We will allow customers and staff to have sandwiches, chips, and other similar items that they have brought from home.
  • We will not allow meals from Burger King or other restaurants in the courtyard.  This is specifically against the code of conduct policy.
  • Customers and staff will also be able to take any food purchased from the Millennium Café in the courtyard.
  • I realize that in the past we’ve considered sandwiches to be meals and haven’t allowed them in the library.  If someone has a sandwich in the building, please ask them to eat it in the courtyard.
  • We are trying to balance the library’s policy regarding food, our agreements with the cafe, keeping the library clean, and still providing a space that functions in a way that makes sense to the public and staff.  There are going to be a number of instances in which we have to make a call on something that is in a grey area.  I have confidence that everyone will make their best effort to apply the spirit of our rules as consistently as possible and use good judgement.
  • If the rules for food in the courtyard prove problematic we may have to make changes, but for now these are the guidelines in which we will operate.

Courtyard Hours

  • The courtyard will open at 8:30 AM Monday – Saturday and 11:30 AM on Sunday. It will close when the library closes.

Courtyard Entrance

  • During all the hours the Courtyard is open, it will always be accessible through the door near the café. In addition to this we will allow customers to enter through the front door of the sunroom until 5:30 PM. At 5:30 we will close that entrance, but customers will still be able to enter the courtyard via the door near the café. They will still be able to use the sunroom, but they will need to enter from the courtyard side of the building.

Booking the Space

  • We are going to wait about three months before we allow the public to book the courtyard. We want to live in the space for awhile and also implement Communico for a couple of months before we add this option.
  • Once we make the space available to book, will only have the sunroom available to reserve after 2:00 PM. We want to make sure the space is consistently available to the public during lunch.
  • In addition to giving customers the ability to book the entire sunroom, we are considering giving the option to book specific tables in the sunroom. The sunroom will seat 40 people at 10 tables, and if groups of 4-6 want to meet in there we’d like to guarantee that it will be available for to them to use without closing it down to the rest of the public. This is an option that is available in Communico.

6 thoughts on “Claire’s Courtyard Rules

  1. rebecca-hoferer on said:

    I’m just curious as to why we are closing the sun room outside doors at 5:30pm. Will there be signage to help direct people who are trying to get in through that point of access?

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    We wanted to close that entrance at dark so safety and security only had to focus on one entrance. We chose 5:30 since that was the time the cafe closes and those times would be consistent. Customers will still be able to use the sunroom after 5:30, just via the north entrance. There will be signs on the doors letting them know to use the front of the library after 5:30.

  3. Natalie Moreland on said:

    When do we plan to begin using the sunroom as an entrance during the daytime? I’ve encountered it locked several times recently.

    • Thad Hartman on said:

      The doors should currently be unlocked starting at 8:30 AM. If they are not please contact maintenance. Thanks!

  4. kathryn-barnes on said:

    I was wondering about the music continuously playing. I like the songs, being an oldie myself, but sometimes it would be nice to just hear the music from the water feature. Some days there is enough noise inside the building, so it’s nice to sit outside and hear a little more silence. Thanks

    • Thad Hartman on said:

      Thanks for the comment. We’re testing out when and what music to play in the courtyard and we’ll take this into consideration. Thanks!