Learning Center Opens Thursday

The Learning Center will officially open Thursday, August 8.  The room itself is complete, however we won’t be able to use the entrance on the south side of the room because of the portion of the plaza that is still under construction.  The doors on the north and west side of the Learning Center (near the New Books area) will be open.

Beginning tomorrow, programs and events that are scheduled to take place in the Learning Center will occur there.  Tables, chairs, and other supplies will be located in the closet in the Learning Center.  Any sort of setup related to the tables and chairs will need to be done by the programmer.  The tables are on wheels and fold up, so they can be easily moved and stored.

Stephanie will be helping out in the Learning Center if you have questions when getting the room ready for a program.  She will also be sending out information about additional times she will be available for tours and information about the new Learning Center.

Initially we will focus primarily on the scheduled programs in the Learning Center, but we will be adding pop-up learning experiences during the times in which nothing is scheduled.  We will also have the AmeriCorps volunteers taking over on some of their days here to test out some learning experiences.

This is an exciting new space for us and a chance to provide fun learning experiences in a central location at all times that the library is open.  I’m sure there will be some growing pains and we’ll have to be flexible, but it’s a great opportunity to increase and emphasize learning in the library.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Learning Center Opens Thursday

  1. Natalie Allen on said:

    when will the computers that surrounded the learning center be back in place? the patrons miss them