Comin’ At Ya! Space Week 8/5-8/11

Hello! We’re so excited for our week to be here. Here’s our breakdown of our week:

All Week: Word Search (available for Red Carpet and Library at Work customers), courtesy of Dave

All Week: Sky Schedule (available library wide), courtesy of Kim

All Week: The Martian and a journaling-themed display, courtesy of Meredith and Patrick

Monday 8/5: 
Straw Rockets | 3PM | Atrium (courtesy of Meredith)

Tuesday 8/6: 
Starry Night Craft | 3PM | Lingo (courtesy of Arion, Kathy and Lynn)

Wednesday 8/7: 
Story Stones | 10AM | Lingo  (courtesy of Meredith and Patrick

The Space Race: An Epic Battle with Dr. Sean Kalic | 7PM | Marvin C (courtesy of Dave)

Thursday 8/8: 
Binary Pins pop-up | 3PM | Atrium (courtesy of Julie)
Perseid Meteor Shower Program | 7PM | Marvin BC (courtesy of Meredith)

Friday 8/9: 
Galaxy Jars | 3PM | Learning Center  [will update with correct room as soon as I have it!] (courtesy of Arion, Kathy, Lynn and Carrie)

Saturday 8/10: 
Alien Afternoon movie and crafts {showing Home} | 2PM | Marvin ABC (courtesy of Julie, Lynn, Kelly, Joyce (prep)+ volunteers

Sunday 8/11: 
Dino O’Dell | 2PM | Marvin ABC (courtesy of Julie and Patrick)

Please feel free to come to any of our programs, I think we have a great week. Many thanks to everyone on our team for being super fantastic and ready to jump in!


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