Week 9 Programs – July 22 – 28

Week 9 Summer Learning Programs

Monday, July 22:              Pop-up: Listening to Space Sounds          Atrium
All day, playing on MondoPad
T.J. Troughton, Jacob Ziegler                                                                                   

A more in-depth experience of the sounds of space, recorded by satellites, probes, rovers, etc.

Wednesday, July 24:      Space Fair                                           Marvin Auditorium
9 – 11 am
1 – 3 pm
5 – 7 pm
Jayme Lyons, Sherry Best, Debbie Stanton, Donna Rae Pearson, Keely Moore, Griff Argo, Kelly Barker, Julie Velez

Visit our space activity stations. Taste space food. Become your favorite alien. Create a unique and beautiful galaxy. Listen to “Stories from Space” picture books read by astronauts. Feel what it’s like to walk on another planet. Find out how our solar system is like a bowl of fruit. Take a virtual reality trip through space. Visualize how the fabric of space/time works with real fabric and objects of various weights and sizes. Can you predict what happens when a new planet drops in? Something for all ages. Come and go as you please, program is repeated.

Friday, July 26:               Here Comes the Sun – Sun Viewing        Marvin 101C
11 – 1                                                                                and Claire’s Courtyard
Jacob Ziegler, Sherry Best and Washburn professor Dr. Brian Thomas

Learn about the physics of the Sun from Dr. Brian Thomas, a physics & astronomy professor from Washburn University. Learn how the sun works, ask questions and view the sun through safe, solar observing telescopes.

Saturday, July 27              What Astrology Can Do For You           Hughes 205
2:30 – 4:30
Jim Mosher and guest speaker Dianne Lawson

Real astrology is not the daily forecast in the newspaper, but is based upon where the Sun, Moon, planets and much more. Astrology is the study that interprets the correlation between heavenly bodies and human affairs. It can help people understand themselves and others better, prepare for the future, improve relationships and solve problems. Astrologer Dianne Lawson will explain birth charts, yearly charts, chart comparisons and horary astrology (a method of answering questions) and what they can do for you.

Saturday, July 27              Extraordinary Relationships Through Astrology – Anton Room 202
4 – 5
im Mosher and guest speaker Dianne Lawson

Astrology can help people have better relationships. Even though astrology is much more than just Sun Signs, knowing what each Sun Sign needs in a relationship, can be helpful. Astrologer Dianne Lawson will explain what each Sun Signs needs to have in relationships and which Sun Signs can more easily get along. Astrologer Dianne Lawson will discuss how astrology can help you in general, and in relationships, specifically.

Sunday, July 28                 Space Movie: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Marvin Auditorium
6 – 8 pm
Julie Velez and Jacob Ziegler

Watch this trippy cosmic joyride with an earthling (Martin Freeman) and an alien (Mos Def). Adapted from the Douglas Adams sci-fi tales. PG | 2005 | 110 min

Team Leaders: Sherry Best and Donna Rae Pearson

Team Members: Jake Ziegler, Jayme Lyons, Jim Mosher, Julie Velez, Keely Moore, T. J. Troughton, with help from Debbie Stanton, Griff Argo, and Kelly Barker, Andrea Bair and Laurie Jeuneman.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 Programs – July 22 – 28

  1. Jim Mosher on said:

    Please note that the Saturday event (Astrology with Dianne Lawson) will not take place in the Learning Center as it won’t be completed by that time (most likely). We will use the Anton and Hughes Rooms instead.