Summer – 3 Weeks Down and 9 to Go!

So, we just started our fourth week of summer!  Can you believe it?!

On Mondays I’m going to start updating everyone on where we stand numbers-wise.

Attached you will find two different spreadsheets.  One is from last week and one is from today showing the number of readers we have in each summer reading program as well as the breakdown between male/female, completions, prizes, logged minutes, etc.

Spoiler alert! As a community we have logged 515,686 minutes of reading as of 9:26 am today. That is up 150,701 minutes in just 6 days.  Keep encouraging folks to not only read but to track their reading.



Program-wise we have had 45 programs, including outreach, totaling 1,965 participants from June 1-June 16.
(this number reflects those attendance numbers entered into Program Book)

You are all doing great and are definitely making this a summer to remember for our customers. Keep up the good work!

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