Summer Learning Programs

As Summer Learning begins we want to make sure you are aware that it is the responsibility of the programmer to make sure they have entered the correct information in Old Program Book and that what was entered in Old Program Book matches what they submitted in EMS. We are finding that programmers are not logging into their meeting room accounts after they initially book the space to update Event Times, Event Dates, Event Names, etc.  Information for The Library News and the public website pull information from Old Program Book and the digital signs and room cards that publish the day of the event, pull their information from EMS. This is why it is important to make sure all your information matches in Old Program Book and EMS. Please contact the events coordinator, Bonnie Cuevas, 4495 or if you need to make changes to your information in EMS, if you have questions or would like hands on training. Also, please remember that if you are emailing about meeting rooms always email to since that email address in monitored daily. The only person monitoring the address is Bonnie Cuevas so if she is out of the office you will not receive a reply.

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