Borrow It Book Fair

When: Friday, June 1 from 10am – 7pm

What is it?
This is a day where highlight our collection in a new way hoping customers will find things they are interested in and/or find things they didn’t know they were interested in. It will be set up similar to a school book fair where there will be tables of books by category.


  •  Kids books – in the Learning Center
  • Adult books  – open team room space, down the wings and main hallway
  • Computer that line the learning center (first 5) will be for summer reading sign up
  • We will also have three tables in New Books/Media to highlight some of our DVDS (Tyler Perry, Marvel/Superhero and Inspirational/Hallmark)

GOAL: Have people check out books to begin their summer of learning. It would be cool if our shelves looked empty at the end of the day.

Some things to keep in mind…

  • This is ONE day – our day to experiment and make some observations about what our customers are drawn to.
  • We haven’t been too specific on our table themes. We want to make it easy for staff to help replenish the tables.


  • We are NOT changing the status of these books. This allows us to be fairly organic in replenishing the tables.
  • Thursday, May 31 – begin pulling the books and setting up the tables (at least the ones that do not have people sitting at them)
  • As Friday progresses  and books begin to be checked out staff can replenish them.
  • Friday night after 7:00 shelve the books that did not get checked out.

What we need from you!

  • Have fun!
  • Help people sign up for summer learning.
  • Help replenish the tables. Don’t overthink it.  If you pull it, someone will take it. Don’t forget some of our kits. Those count!
  • Help customers find some good reads for the summer – be a book pusher!
  • Feel free to browse and pick something out for yourself. Model the way!!!

Thank you from you Borrow It Book Fair Team!

Youth Services, Miranda Ericsson, Michelle Morris, Chris Blocker, Luella Minner, Stephanie Hall, Deb Bryan, Kelli Smith and Amber Bonnett


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