Upcoming Fun Activities for Staff!!

With the additional stress created by the past few years, it’s more important than ever that we take time to build relationships, connect with one another, and have some fun! This October we are starting a series of activities designed to help facilitate this.

We will rotate activities and have approximately one a week, although there will occasionally be weeks without something scheduled.  Activities will be held on different days each week, but will always be either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 1:00. While not everyone will be able to attend each session, we hope that the frequency and varying days will mean that you can find something to attend. Because of logistics and the time involved in putting these together, this will currently only be held during the day.

Attending these sessions will be considered work time. You do not need to clock out to attend. However, you will need to verify with your supervisor that you can attend. We hope this will be a fun and engaging way for staff to relax and socialize with one another. Calendar invites will be sent out to all staff in the near future. All sessions will be held in The Edge. Thanks to everyone who is working on these activities to make it possible!

Readers Conversations

Join your colleagues for a casual conversation about what you’re reading. Find great new titles and share your favorites.

INITIAL SCHEDULE:  TUE 10/4/2022  |  WED 11/2/2022  |  THU 12/1/2022


Lunch & Learn

Bring your lunch and learn something new each session as we cover a wide range of fun and informative topics. Staff members will have the opportunity to share their own passions.

INITIAL SCHEDULE:  WED 10/12/2022  |  THU 11/10/2022  |  TUE 12/6/2022


Art Activities

Gallery staff will help everyone unlock their creative side. Each session will feature a different art project that you can take home.

INITIAL SCHEDULE:  THU 10/20/2022  |  TUE 11/15/2022  |  WED 12/14/2022


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