Local gyms cost per month

Thinking of joining a gym or switching gyms?  Put together this list of the local gyms that I could find.  Many will negotiate rates and enrollment fees so these are just the basic cost per month.  All of them will let you try them out at least once for free and I highly recommend that you do that before joining.  Location, does the gym have what you want (classes, equipment and such) and do you like the gym are all things to look at.  Also remember after the first of the year all the gyms usually get crowded but it doesn’t last long.  Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.  A healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy as well as being active. If you need any help getting started I would be glad to help but I am not a professional trainer or a nutritionist.

Gym          Single                  Family              Joining fee           open24/7            locations
GreatLife   $19.99                  $39.99                  yes                         yes                        6
Pinnacle    $49.99                  $59.99                  $99                         yes                        1
Anytime     $34.99                  ?????                 ?????                       yes                        1
Genesis    $54                       $79                        yes                         yes                        3
YMCA       $34                        $54                   $35/$55                      no                          3


GreatLife Golf & Fitness
Address: Many
Hours: Many are 24/7
Phone: 785-233-2868
Email: membership@greatlifegolf.com
Webpage: http://www.greatlifegolf.com/
Membership: $19.99/month Single person membership, $39.99/month Family membership.great-life-map

Pinnacle Fitness
Address: 907 SW 37th Ter Topeka, Kansas
Hours: 24/7
Phone: (785) 215-8380
Email: pinnaclefitness@hotmail.com
Webpage: http://www.pinnaclefitness247.com/
Membership: Monthly- Single $49.99, Family $59.99 plus $99 enrollment fee but no contract


Anytime Fitness Topeka
Address: 1921 SW Gage Rd, 1923 And 1925 Topeka, Kansas
Hours: 24/7
Phone: (785) 272-2819
Email: topekaks@anytimefitness.com
Webpage: http://www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/25/Topeka-KS-66604
Membership: Start at $34.99 per month Contact: Daryl Hendrix at 785-806-3589


Genesis Health Clubs Topeka
Address: 3 in Topeka
Hours: 24/7
Phone: (785) 266-8000
Email: info@genesishealthclubs.com
Webpage: http://www.genesishealthclubs.com/
Membership: For the Singles 12 months at $54 a month 24 at $50 36 at $47
For dual 12 months at $79 24 at $74 36 at $70 With a checking or savings account it saves $5 off of every option. There is an enrollment fee as well but we can work with the person as well as the monthly prices.


Address: 3 in Topeka
Hours: Different at each location, generally weekdays 530am-9pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 1pm-6pm
Phone: 785-354-8591
Email: JohnM@ymcatopeka.org
Webpage: http://www.ymcatopeka.org/membership.html
Category Annual Monthly (EFT)
Youth – Teen (10-17 yrs) $168.00 $14.00
Young Adult (’20 Something’ (18-25 yrs. – Single Only) $288.00 $24.00
Adult (26 & Older) $408.00 $34.00
Single-Parent Family $528.00 $44.00
Family* $648.00 $54.00
*(two adults & all dependent children living in the same residence, up to 20 years old and must be a full time student)

Enrollment Fees
Enrollment Fee for Teen & Young Adult $35.00
Enrollment Fee for Adult & Family Memberships $55.00


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