Gyotaku fish print supplies available

IMG_5944 IMG_5948 IMG_7441 IMG_7447 IMG_7448As much as I would love to keep some “fish” at my already cluttered cubicle, I’m taking the supplies for Gyotaku (fish prints) down to the shared craft supply room. The paint-stained rubber fish look just strange enough that I felt guilt leaving them there without some explanation.  🙂

Betsy Roe helped teach me this technique and adapt it for a large group of kids. And thanks to an awesome recommendation from Danielle Payne I used the William Allen White book “Gone Fishing” to pair with this activity.

Two fish are available – Bass and Perch – and both can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. We used tempera paint and foam brushes. Having the artist/kid apply a “thin layer” of paint to the fish and then made 2 or 3 consecutive prints from that one application of paint let them get the biggest globs of paint off on the first impression and make a more detailed print on their second impression (plus they were thrilled to get to make more than one piece of artwork!).

Happy fishing! Or…fish printing….!.

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