Avoiding Injuries This Fall

Creating the landscape of your dreams takes a lot of hard work. Lifting heavy bags of mulch and raking up old leaves can cause muscles to feel more than a little sore. It is important to pace yourself and follow a few simple rules to avoid becoming sidelined in the fall clean-up season.

  • Warm-up by taking a short stroll through the neighborhood and doing a few stretches for the legs, back and arms.
  • Move your feet rather than reaching or bending forward.
  • Tighten your stomach muscles to help activate the muscles in your abdomen and back while lifting or raking.
  •  Alternate arms while raking to avoid twisting in one direction.
  • If you are raking leaves or other yard debris, go onto one knee to gather the debris into a container, rather than bending at the waist.
  • Look for ergonomic equipment at the hardware store. This can include angled-handles on rakes or shovels and larger grips for handles.
  • Use appropriate equipment to make your work easier (i.e. wheelbarrow, leaf blower, mulching mower.)
  • Avoid sitting for a prolonged period of time after working. This can aggravate your back and make you prone to muscle stiffness and injury.

Fall is here, so be prepared to enjoy the outdoors without suffering from overuse pain!

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