Social Media Guidelines for Staff

There are two sets of social media guidelines:

  • Guidelines for Social media Teams – if you are on the social media team at the library, or post to a library social media channel, follow these guidelines.
  • Guidelines for all staff (when not at work) – Follow these guidelines when not at work. The wording here mirrors what can be found in our employee handbook.

Have questions? Please ask Diana Friend, Ginger Park or David King!

Guidelines for Social Media Team

  • Current schedule:
    Facebook & Twitter
    Mondays – Ginger & Abigail S
    Tuesdays – Karen &
    Wednesdays – Miranda & Michelle M
    Thursdays – Meredith & Angie
    Fridays – Natalie M
    Saturdays – Scott & Sherry B
    Sundays – Sherry H & Meg

    Instagram Schedule
    Mondays – Shannon & Scott
    Tuesdays – Cole & Brea
    Wednesdays – Patricia
    Thursdays – Hayley
    Fridays – Rachael & Michael
    Saturdays – Travis
    Sundays – Meg

  • Follow the content calendar entered as Tasks in the Social Media & Web Content Basecamp for Facebook and Twitter post about the topics listed on your scheduled day. Feel free to post about additional topics as well. The content calendar lists your minimum. For Instagram there isn’t always an interesting picture to go with the topics, but incorporate the day’s topics if it works.
  • Be helpful, kind and fun. In addition to fun and engaging posts, you are responsible for responding to comments and questions on your assigned day and platform. A comment response may be as simple as a “like” from the library. If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask someone in that area. If there is a question or comment you are uncomfortable responding to, forward it to the communications & marketing director and digital services director (if you don’t hear back from them, call or text Diana Friend on her cell 785-554-5334 and forward the email to the manager in charge). Do not argue or debate – correct inaccurate information. The digital services director and communications & marketing director will handle difficult comments as soon as you make them aware of the comment.
  • Get photo permission. Use these guidelines when taking photos and videos of our customers:
    • For photos with 1-2 people, use a photo release form
    • For photos with groups of 3 or more, no photo release form needed
  • Let Marketing do their job. Don’t create social media content that falls under Communications & Marketing, including:
    • Advisories and notices of cancellations
    • Official library communications (press releases, library newsletters, etc.)
    • Facebook Events are predetermined by Communications & Marketing based on the Marketing Levels.
      • Please share the library’s Facebook events with your friends if you think they might be interested. It also helps promote an event to select “going” or “interested” from your personal account.
  • Work for Hire. All content you create for the library is owned by the library and is considered work for hire content. The library has the right to re-share and re-use the content you create on work time for the library.
  • Hashtags – Use #staycurious, #topekalibrary and #topcity for most posts. Use other hashtags like #2booktopeka, #topekabookmobiles and #sabatinigallery when they are relevant to your post. Also feel free to add a funny post-specific hashtag.
  • Pronouns – Write as “I” in your post unless it’s a group effort (e.g. We are starting construction on …) If you want to sign your first name at the end of a post that you use “I” that’s fine but not required (-Ginger). Your call.
  • Partners – Leverage social capital by using @(partner name) when you refer to a partner in a post. Then they will see it and share it.
  • Sharing Instagram posts – If regramming (sharing someone else’s Instagram image) ask permission first.
  • Creating new social media channels. The digital services director does this in cooperation with Communications & Marketing, based on need, library goals and objectives.

Guidelines for all staff (when not at work)

  • Comment & share library posts. If you’re interested in the topic or we post about your event, please comment, share or like from your personal account.
  • Share what you do at the library. Feel free to use personal social media channels of all types to share library-related content. Share what you’re proud of!
  • Be yourself. If you share about the library, let people know you work at the library. Don’t represent yourself or the library in a false or misleading way.
  • Be nice. No spam or remarks that are off-topic or offensive related to the library.
  • Confidentiality – Don’t violate the confidentiality of the library or our customers. If in doubt, check with your supervisor first.
  • Don’t overstep official library channels. The CEO and the Marketing Director are our official spokespeople, and they speak for the library on official matters.
  • Review the Employee Handbook (it’s being updated in 2019). It also applies to online settings.