Content Schedule

Have you heard the old adage that people need to hear something at least 7 times before they remember it? Some studies show that it is really like 12-13 times before the message sinks in. In order to strengthen our content creation and its connection to library resources even more, we are implementing content alignment, which distributes a consistent topic message across all the different platforms we use: print, online and social media. We want to do this at our library to provide those consistent message to our customers, from print to Instagram.

By aligning our web and social media content, we have the opportunity to build an audience that:
1. Builds awareness for our resources and services.
2. Creates preferences by making us a trusted source of information and a source of entertainment when you create content that people like.
3. Creates content that helps our customers discover what the library has to offer that is informative and relevant to their life.
4. It’s a continuous story over time that doesn’t end in a single platform.