Catalog Search Links

The following URL shortcuts allow you to easily make short, easy-to-remember links to catalog searches. Read the blog post introducing this new feature.

Complete Example

For an excellent <a href="">pirate adventure</a> story, be sure to read <a href="">Treasure Island</a> by <a href="">Robert Louis Stevenson</a>. Kids of all ages will enjoy <a href="">Muppet Treasure Island</a>.

For an excellent pirate adventure story, be sure to read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kids of all ages will enjoy Muppet Treasure Island.

Update 7/10/19: the ‘+’ sign used to search phrases is currently broken. In it’s place, please use ‘%2B’.


Search URL Patterns

General Keyword Serach<keyword>

Author Search<author>

Author Phrase Search<author+phrase>

Title Search<title>

Title Phrase Search<title+phrase>

Subject Search<subject>

Subject Phrase Search<subject+phrase>

Series Search<series>

Author + Title Searches<author>/ti/<title><title>/au/<author>

Polaris Control Number<control_number>


Polaris Record Set<record_set_number>

ISBN Search<isbn>

OverDrive Search<search+terms>

TumbleBookLibrary<id number>

Notes & Tips

  • “+” are strongly encouraged, but not required. Spaces should be avoided in URLs, which is why “+” are used.
  • You can use these URLs anywhere (e.g. email, print, Twitter, Facebook), not just in a web page.
  • You should always test your links to make sure they go to the desired search results.