Website Changes to Expect

Imagemakers is making progress on the new website. Here’s a broad overview of what to expect in the next few months. These items are in order of when they will occur, but we don’t have solid dates as each step depends on the completion of the previous step. Digital Services (DS) and Communications & Marketing (CM) are working diligently to make sure the new site meets staff and customers’ needs.

Next steps:

  1. Imagemakers transfers last 2 years of blog posts, staff booklists info from the existing site to the new site. The current site will continue to work, this is basically an elaborate cut & paste.
  2. Imagemakers trains website admin staff (DS & CM) on the new site
  3. Website admin staff review and clean-up new site with Imagemakers
  4. TSCPL web writers trained on new site software
  5. All TSCPL staff test new website (some staff will be given specific tasks, but all staff encouraged to try to “break” the new site)
  6. Imagemakers makes updates and launches new site – this will be a soft launch meaning the current site will still be running
  7. We encourage customers to try out the new site and report any issues
  8. Imagemakers makes any needed updates
  9. Big site launch and old site is hidden from public view – Note: DS will have access to the old site for 6 months after new site launches.

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