Program Book Updates

For those of you who met with me the last couple of days – thanks! For those that couldn’t be there, here’s what we discussed. We have a multi-step process to fix all the issues around Program Book. This includes:

  • Interim strategy: Fix issues with Program Book (most issues should be fixed soon).
  • Longer-Term Strategy: Move away from our in-house Program Book, and to a vendor-created solution. We are looking at a product by Communico in January. Assuming we like that product, we will plan to migrate to that.

List of things to fix in Program Book:

Public Site:

  • Date-range events do not show up on individual dates, but just on the main Events Page (i.e., Chosen Treasures doesn’t show up when you click Tomorrow, or when you click January).
  • Date-Range events that are marked All Ages don’t show up on Kids, Teens, Adults links.
  • When Event Owner logs in to public site and goes to an Events Page with registrations, they can’t yet Cancel a Registration.
  • When you click a Category list (Art, Books, etc.), events that have multiple categories selected only show the first category icon. They should show all selected categories. For example, the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writing Workshop only shows the Adults category. It should show both Books and Adult categories.

Staff Program Book Dashboard:

  • Find Event search is not working.
  • Find Customer – the search feature works. The Cancel registration button does not work.
  • Quick attendance does not yet work.
  • Outreach form – still need to add the ability to do multiple events on the same day.

Program Book back-end:

  • Filtering by Category doesn’t work. For example, when you filter by Movies, only one item is found. But there are at least four events using the Movie category.
  • Excluding dates from recurring events (like holidays) does not yet work.
  • Event Owner bug – when looking at the list of events, if you have selected All Event Owners and chose a specific Author and click filter, whoever is logged in to the Program Book Back End will be shown as the Event Owner. This is a Plugin issue, and doesn’t change what is in the actual Event record.

Have a question, found a bug, etc not listed here? Please email me and let me know. I will add it to the list!

PS – don’t forget to watch the Training Videos for Program Book!

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