New Program Book is Here!

Guess what? New Program Book has launched! It is live and working on our public website.

Some details:

  • Entering programs, registration, and viewing events on our public website is working great.
  • Our the staff side, the Program Book Dashboard is still being cleaned up, mainly with viewing events. Dave needed to re-work some code relating to that page. This will be fixed soon.
  • We are still moving Eventbrite registrations over from Eventbrite to Program Book. This will take a few more days.

Things for you to do:

  • Make sure to use New Program Book (you can find it on our staff intranet, under Quick Links on the right side of the page, or under Resources on the drop down menu).
  • Don’t use Eventbrite anymore! If you have some events and programs in Eventbrite, please go in and pull your list of registrants (if you have some). That way you can double-check Program Book registrations.
  • Also double check the category of your program (i.e., Adults, Computer, Art, etc). Some of those were mis-categorized during the migration to new Program Book.
  • See something that looks weird? Please let Dave and I know about it so we can get it fixed.

Please send any questions my way!


15 thoughts on “New Program Book is Here!

  1. kathryn-barnes on said:

    I don’t do event programming, but I do sign up patrons for events. Do we sign them up through Program Book? If so, is there current training available?

  2. kathryn-barnes on said:

    Playing around on Program Book and noticed that Card Making with Cindy is Wednesday, January 2nd, but it also says that registration starts on Wednesday, January 2nd. This is a popular program. Am I missing something?

    • Ginger Park on said:

      Thanks for catching that. I just fixed the registration date so people should be able to register now.

      • Jim Mosher on said:

        I just now looked and it is still not allowing registration. Too late to do anything about it though.

  3. Brea Black on said:

    I tried to add registration for a program manually and can’t get it to work. First, what/who is the “Event User”? The attendees name is already entered above. Does it need to be repeated? Also, it won’t let me submit the registration without filling in the “Event Slug” and “Event Date” fields but when I click on the field and type, nothing shows up. It won’t let me submit the registration without filling in those two fields.

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      To register for an event, please go to the Event Page on on the web site and enter their name and contact info. On Monday, you will also be able to register customers using the Program Book dashboard. The “Registrations” page on the Program Book web site is for admins only. I will fix the security for it.

  4. Brea Black on said:

    Thanks Dave. Debbie and I tried signing up through the public side today and it didn’t work. I sent David an email with the details.

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      Please try again. Also, to view a list of registrants, you need to be logged in to the Public Site.

  5. Rhonda Cathey on said:

    It appears that Outreach folks must enter twice under:
    “Primary Event Category”and then directly under that in “Additional Categories”. Seems a little redundant.
    What is the “Outreach” button on the homepage? It doesn’t seem to take me anywhere.

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      Working on that and I’ll have a fix in the next couple of days. The “Outreach” button on the Program Book Dashboard will link to a special form for just Outreach events that are never displayed on the public site.

  6. Brea Black on said:

    Is it possible to automatically send an email confirmation to the person who signed up for the program, then send a reminder a week or so before the event?
    Also, is it possible for the staff person who organized the program to get an email each time someone registers? I went into the dashboard today to check registration and my event had a 0 next to it. I didn’t think there was anyone signed up, but when I clicked on the 0, I saw that there are 3 people signed up already.

  7. Luanne Webb on said:

    I am interested in the answer to Brea’s question regarding e-mail confirmations. I also would like to know if I can ask more than one question. For our Family Place Learn & Play workshop we like to know the name & age of child attending, caregiver’s name, any other siblings attending, and an e-mail.