5 things to include in a great book review

If a customer walked in and wanted to know what book you’d recommend and why, you’d probably go into some detail about the most recent book that tugged at you emotionally, changed your worldview in some way or had you turning pages way past bedtime. Your blog post about a book can be the same as telling a friend about a book you loved. It can be so much more than a summarization of the plot.

Discuss at least a couple of these 5 things in your book review:

1. The characters and whether you related to them
2. Whether the theme was well-developed
3. If the plot was suspenseful and interesting
4. Your thoughts about the author’s style
5. Whether the setting was important and how it affected your interest in the story.

For non-fiction, address how well the author made their point and how the book affected you.

Link to full article that makes some good points about writing book reviews: http://www.rachellegardner.com/writing-online-book-reviews/

When possible, use the large book cover image from the catalogue, especially if the cover has a lot of detail. The customer should be able to recognize the cover from your post when they come into contact with the book itself.

From Lissa: Thanks, Leah! This is a useful post and the article linked is great too – I think that one of the best things we can do in book reviews is this one (from her article):

4. Acknowledge the author’s purpose and/or intended audience.

Every book isn’t going to appeal to every person. Make a recommendation as to who would enjoy the book. For example, you may not enjoy science fiction, but you can see that the book has some positives. You can acknowledge that “readers of science fiction should find this enjoyable.”

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