New way to download audio books

NetLibrary and Recorded Books have created a new media center designed to facilitate faster and easier downloading of audio books.

Customers can find the link to download the new player at the top of the Recorded Books website.  We link to this page on our public website.  Once it is downloaded customers can use the new program to browse and download titles.  Customers who prefer the old way of searching and downloading titles can still choose to do it that way.  

One of the nice features is that once a portable player is connected to the computer, the customer can download and transfer a title all in one click.  This should make the process much easier for people.  The other neat feature is that there are now iPod compatible titles available through Recorded Books. 

On Wednesday, April 15th a representative from Recorded Books will be here to demonstrate this new product.   We are in the process of getting this media player downloaded onto the download station computer.

-Thad Hartman


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