Conference Travel & Training

The Process

First, submit a Conference or Training request form to your immediate supervisor.

  • Use the Conference Form when you are attending a multi-day event away from the building (will require overnight accommodations)
  • Use the Training Form when you are attending a same-day event (no overnight accommodations are needed). This includes webinars that require a registration fee.

Include a printed copy of the conference registration with your request!

Second, make arrangements for your trip after you have received your approval from Finance.

  • Use a library credit card (from Finance) to register for the event, book your hotel and flight.
  • Immediately forward confirmation receipts to Finance (
  • Add your travel/conference dates to your department calendar.

Third, before you leave & while you are at your conference/event…

  • Pick up the travel credit card and accompanying letter as well as your per diem check (if applicable)
  • Hang onto your receipts, especially the incidentals that are covered for reimbursement (e.g. airport parking, taxi)

Fourth, turn in your reimbursement form to Finance upon your return – ASAP!

Things to Know

Include any additional personal days you want to take while attending your conference/event.


Per diem checks are typically distributed to employees a few days before conference travel begins. Per diem amounts are provided to cover meals and server tips. Employees do not need to save meal receipts.

Direct any questions about the conference registration process to Finance.


The Library will pay conference registration at the “early bird” rate. If you do not qualify for the member rate, the library will pay the non-member early bird rate.

The Library encourages applications for conference scholarships.


When making any travel plans find solutions that work for you, but keep the library’s best interests in mind.

The Library reimburses the most cost effective and/or efficient method. Take a trip to Denver for example. Flying costs $200 and driving costs $313.78 (based on 541 miles x $0.58/mile IRS 2019 mileage reimbursement rate), so if you choose to drive, the library will only reimburse you the flight rate of $200. Additional driving costs like tolls and parking are generally not reimbursed.

Direct any questions about travel arrangements to Finance.

Traveling by Car

When a library vehicle is used, record the vehicle mileage on the log stored in the vehicle.

When a personal vehicle is used, record your mileage and include it on the Travel Reimbursement Form upon your return.


Traveling by Air

The library will cover one checked luggage item. If you know you will need more than one, contact Finance in advance. If you can pay for your checked bag in advance, use the Library’s travel credit card. If using personal resources, keep the receipt to include in your reimbursement form upon your return.

Traveling to/from the Kansas City Airport, the Library will only reimburse one round-trip and no more than the distance from the library to the airport.

About calculating distances: When the distance you travel is greater than from the library to the airport, you will only be reimbursed from the library to the airport (ex. Wamego to MCI). When the distance is less than the library to the airport, the library will reimburse actual miles traveled and no more (ex. Lawrence to MCI).

The library will only reimburse the economy parking rate at Kansas City Airport. For example, if you choose to park in the terminal parking lot, where the fees $23/day, the library will only reimburse the economy rate of $7.50/day,

At your destination, travel to/from the airport/hotel can normally be accommodated by complimentary shuttle services. If it is necessary to pay for a taxi or shuttle, keep the receipt to include in your reimbursement form upon your return.

For airline reservations, use either the airline’s or third-party’s website.  Employees should choose “coach” seating on the dates indicated on the Conference Request Form.

If there are significant changes in the price or schedule you quoted on the request form, contact Finance before you book your flight.

Pay for any non-employee (family) guest with your own resources. Use the Library travel credit card for library employee’s bookings only.

Rental cars are typically not included when traveling, unless there are unusual circumstances. When they are approved in advance, purchase the insurance offered by the rental agency. Contact Finance for more information.


The library prefers reservations at conference-affiliated hotels. If this is not possible, select a similarly-priced hotel close to the conference site.

Use the conference service provided for reserving a hotel room (i.e. phone number, website). Otherwise, contact the hotel directly or use a third-party company (, Travelocity, etc.).

It’s okay to share a hotel room, if both parties agree, but this is not required.

When sharing a room with a non-participant, use personal resources to cover any additional occupant fees. If this is not possible, you are required to reimburse the library for the difference in price.

When extending your stay beyond the conference dates for personal time, then those dates at the hotel should be reserved and paid for with personal resources.

The Library will not cover any fees for hotel amenities. (non-business long-distance phone charges, pay-per-view movies, etc.)

Wi-Fi is not included unless approved prior to the conference.

The Library will cover tipping at the hotel (concierge, bellhop,etc). Record tip information (date, recipient) to include in your reimbursement form upon your return.

For hotels that charge parking fees:

  • When driving is the Library-preferred travel mode, the Library will cover associated parking fees at the hotel and/or conference site (either through the use of a library credit card or reimbursement of receipts).
  • When driving is not the Library-preferred travel mode and you choose to drive anyway, the library will not reimburse any related parking fees.