Speakers Bureau Changes

As we move our work to reflect the community impact goals the need to review our Speakers Bureau offerings was evident. Beginning January 2019 we will be approaching our Speakers Bureau in a different way.

We will offer at least 9 programs each quarter the public can request with at least 4 of those being new.

How the programs will be decided
Five library focused programs will be offered year round to market our collections and services. A PowerPoint will be developed by communications and marketing that will be used by everyone who is asked to speak about the library.

  • 30 minute presentation about library – offered all the time
  • 45 minute presentation about library – offered all the time
  • Friends presentation
  • Foundation presentation
  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Community Impact Goal Teams will offer 1-2 programs each quarter (to be decided by those teams)

  • 1-2 Community of Readers (Book talk, 2BookTopeka, etc.)
  • 1-2 Passion for Learning (database education, 3D printing, etc.)
  • 1-2 Best Life (job lab, fake news, etc.)
  • 1-2 Ready for Kindergarten (how to read to kids, what it means to be ready, etc.)

Parameters for the quarterly programs

  • Tie into your community impact goal
  • No longer than an hour
  • A PowerPoint version and a non-PowerPoint version
  • A description and outline of the program
  • List of staff who could present the program

Staff who can present on the topics will be identified. The hope is to have a group of staff that can present on any one topic so the onus of presenting doesn’t lay on the shoulders of one person. This should help with scheduling.

When someone requests a program, an email will be sent to the group designated to present on that topic. They will need to coordinate who will contact the requestor and who will do the actual presentation on the day requested.

The go-live date for this new format will be January 2019. A message has been put on the current Speakers Bureau page informing the public that reservations for the current lineup of programs will not be taken after November 2 and must be scheduled before December 21.

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