Bookmobile Availability to Library Staff Sept. 2016 – May 2017

Here is a quick guide regarding the availability of the bookmobiles to library staff during the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Lingo will go out every Monday to 4 different stops until 4:30 pm. The rest of the week and weekend it should be parked behind the bookmobile building.
  • AdventureMobile will go out to schools Tuesday-Friday until 4:30 pm. It will be parked behind the bookmobile building during weeknight evenings as well as all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • Alice/Sherlock will go to their usual stops Monday – Saturday. They are parked inside the bookmobile building when not in service. They are available all day on Sundays.

We keep all the keys to the vehicles on the dock. Please remember to lock the buses that are parked outside when you are finished searching for an item.

This schedule is subject to change due to maintenance issues, events, weather, etc. Feel free to call/email bookmobile staff if you have a question whether a vehicle is available or not.

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