Communications & Marketing Summer Intern

Hi there, my name is Maggie Cabrera! I am a senior mass media major at Washburn University looking to go into journalism. I have bounced between different career goals. I ultimately decided I want to go into broadcasting and one day be a correspondent for NPR. Though I am no stranger to Eastern Kansas, I actually grew up in a small town in southwest Kansas called Hugoton.

When I am not making the six-hour drive home, studying or working, I love taking naps. Even though some people may not consider napping a hobby, I think otherwise because I find myself doing it all the time. While I do take an exaggerated number of naps, I also love to read.

I finally got around to reading The Last Bookshop in London and I loved it so much. I am a fan of romance novels, but I also love the ones where characters are given powers. If I had to be stuck in an elevator with a character from a book, it would have to be Mare Barrow from Red Queen because she has lightning powers and with them, she could hopefully get the elevator unstuck.

Aside from reading, in my free time, I usually watch movies on Netflix and Hulu. At one point I watched the Emoji Movie and decided it was the worst movie I had ever watched.

Overall, I am excited to be at the library this summer and I am ready to learn more every day!

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  1. Meredith Snepp on said:

    Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you. I’m loving the goal of being a correspondent with NPR someday. Naps are a joy, and I love the take that they are a hobby-I’m going to use this from now on!! 🙂

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