Judy E. and Efrain R. on 2 postcards mailed this week

As part of the OrangeBoy community marketing campaign, the following two postcards will be hitting mailboxes this week in targeted parts of town. #1 features Judy Espinosa-Gonzalez story (La Biblioteca cluster) and #2 features Efrain Ruvalcaba as part of our “Now Offering” Campaign (Cardholder Acquisition cluster).

If you have customers inquire about these postcards, we would like to know and help them find Mango mentioned on the Spanish/English postcard and get a library card to access our digital collection on the “Easy to Use Entertainment: postcard!

For more information about the community marketing campaigns and cluster groups we are targeting, please see this intranet post.

La Biblioteca postcard #5 – Judy’s story

[FRONT] I learned English
thanks to free access to Mango language learning and other
online learning tools. Get your library card today! Ask me how.

[BACK] When I arrived in Topeka, I could not speak English, I had no computer, much less internet access. I visited the library every night to be able to use this service. The library became my second home as in this place I found the tools to acquire the necessary knowledge of learning in English and in my professional life. tscpl.org/tarjeta



Cardholder Acquisition Campaign postcard #2

Inquire Within

[BACK] We know you’re busy! Get a library card and use it to download free movies, books and music any time tscpl.org. Convenient. Easy. Delivered Free!
NOW OFFERING your “ticket” to free entertainment tscpl.org/convenience
Step 1: Go to tscpl.org and click “DOWNLOAD IT” to use the digital library.
Step 2: Select from audiobooks, ebooks, music, video and magazines any time you want.

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