6 Easy Steps to Library Video Production

Communications and Marketing (CM) has established this 6-step, 5-week process to improve and organize library video production. If you have any questions please contact Bonnie Cuevas.

CM Staff roles:
Review Team-David King, Diana Friend, Michael Perkins, Ginger Park, Karen Watson, Bonnie Cuevas
Producer-Michael Perkins
Production Coordinator-Bonnie Cuevas

Step 1: Video Creative Brief

At a minimum of 5 weeks before the video air date, submit fully completed Video Creative Brief to the production coordinator, Bonnie Cuevas, bcuevas@tscpl.org. Creative briefs submitted after the 5-week deadline or incomplete briefs may result in production delays.

Step 2: CM Review

CM will review the creative brief and either ask for clarification or approve for production.

Step 3: Pre-Production Planning

When your project is approved, the production coordinator, Bonnie Cuevas will schedule a meeting with your video team and the producer, Michael Perkins, to develop a production plan based on the information provided in the Video Creative Brief.

Step 4: Filming

CM will schedule studio time for filming.
If a staffer or staff video team is doing the filming, they will send the completed video to the producer, Michael Perkins for editing.

Step 5: Editing

The producer, Michael Perkins will edit all videos.

Step 6: Video Airing

CM will launch the video on the scheduled air date.

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