Marketing Campaign Targets Community Needs

Last fall, we began working with OrangeBoy/Savannah to focus on what our community needs from the library. Working with OrangeBoy’s chair & founder Clark Swanson, we developed a community survey and interviewed Topeka leaders to learn directly from people in our community. The library has been using the Savannah community engagement platform to gather data for strategic planning, communicating with our customers (Library News Update newsletter) and marketing. Savannah identifies and organizes our library users into “clusters” or personas, like whether cardholders prefer ebooks or print books, new cardholders, and how frequently or infrequently they check out materials or use a database.

If you want to know more about Savannah clusters and data, please leave a comment below.

Using our Savannah information for a targeted marketing strategy, we created four new clusters from the surveys and user data:

    • La Biblioteca targets the Spanish-speaking population
    • Late to the Game targets pre-and post-retirement people who need help using digital devices
    • Modern Family targets the needs of a busy family, and
    • The Essentials targets people who may not have access to good internet, but do use their digital device.
    • Two other campaigns called “The Kids Are Alright…Maybe” and a general get your library card campaign will go out this summer and later this year.

Clark formed staff teams charged with writing their customer cluster story and developing a strategy to best communicate with their audience. In April the results of the teamwork began with a series of carefully scripted postcards, emails and posters with messages designed specifically for the needs of each cluster. Preliminary results include new library cardholders, re-engaged lapsed users, increased use of TSCPL@Home and appointments with Shari Schawo for gadget help. In case you are asked about a postcard someone may have received, here are some samples of the postcards. We will share additional materials with you once they are finalized.

Who are the Community Marketing Projects team members? 
Erin Aldridge, Areli Bermudez-Villarreal, Paul Brennan, LeAnn Brungardt, Mary Campbell, Bonnie Cuevas, Shannon Eddings, Jim Edwards, Miranda Ericsson, Judy Espinosa-Gonzalez, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Autumn Friedli, Diana Friend, Thad Hartman, Sherry Hess, Sandy Hestand, Greg Gual, Ivan Johnson, Kristin Kelly, David King, John Kugler, Cadie Maas, Jesse Maddox, Ginger Park, Michael Perkins, Zan Popp, Liz Post, Marie Pyko, Angie Reed, Arely Salamanca, Shari Schawo, Darci Scott, Kelli Smith, Meredith Snepp, Robert Soria, Debbie Stanton, Kim Stube, Karen Watson and Kari Zimmerman.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Campaign Targets Community Needs

  1. Natalie Allen on said:

    perhaps this is me being paranoid, but there was a tv show called “modern family”. are we sure there is not going to be copyright issues with using that name?

    • Diana Friend on said:

      Hi Natalie,
      The term “Modern Family” is an internal name, not something we are marketing to the public. The name describes the traits of a modern family and how the library can meet their needs.

      Thank you for asking–it’s good to ask if we have discussed copyright.

  2. tkirtdoll on said:

    This is such an important initiative! I would love more information on the demographic data that was collected to determine the clusters. Also, what was the strategy/ies used in selecting the team members to ensure that inclusivity was addressed, ensuring that there is adequate representation seated at the table and diverse voices being heard?