Google Adword Campaigns

The Koios dashboard shows that our impressions/clicks are trending up.

In December we began working with Koios Library Marketing, a company that helps libraries improve their online visibility by increasing their exposure on Google. Their product Libre Ads makes libraries appear first in Google search results as an ad.

Communications & Marketing staff (Ginger, Karen, Michael and I) plus David King and Scarlett Fisher-Herreman are working on this campaign. We identified areas we think will resonate with library customers as well as those who might not be familiar with what libraries have to offer. Our account with Koios has a dashboard that reports how our ads are creating “conversions” when users visit our website.

Listed below are the ad topics that are currently in the campaign. If you have been receiving more inquiries lately, this may be the reason. If you see an ad for the library that appears to have an incorrect phone number on it, the number is our number (David called it and talked to the call center). The number works like a unique URL and it allows Koios to track the conversion.

Campaign topic ads currently running:

  • Topeka Library: get a library card, faxing, copy services, computer classes, make-it lab, notary, snack time, meeting rooms, book clubs, tax help, KCDC pass, voter registration, Ancestry, digital magazines, online learning, auto repair, BiblioCommons booklists
  • Consumer Reports: best laptops, cars, gift ideas and Kelly Blue Book
  • Mango languages: Spanish and English as a second language
  • Jobs & Career training: cover letter help, interview coaching and Topeka jobs
  • BiblioCommons: staff picks, best seller lists and newly acquired titles
  • Fiction 5
  • Lost in the Stacks
  • HUSH podcast



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