Extended Deadline for June & July Programs

We are extending the deadline to enter your June and July programs in Program Book to Friday, March 1.

Please review these recommendations for program entries:

  1. Do not check the primary category again as a secondary category as all categories will be listed next to the event online. For example, if the primary category is Adult and you check Adult as a secondary category, the online listing will show “Title of Event” Adult Adult. Secondary categories only apply if something fits another category. For example, a computer class on Hoopla would have the primary category of Computer, but the secondary categories of Books, Movies and Music because people can download all those items through Hoopla.

2. Type (or copy and paste) the event description in both the top box and the short description. Write in complete sentences using action words. The top box (more space) is the description that appears online when people click on the event and the short description is exported for Library News.

3. If your event requires registration, please set the registration start date as the first day of the month before the Library News issue. For example, a June 3 event will have a registration start date of May 1. Please talk to me if your event has an exception or explain the exception in the notes of the event.

4. If you have a recurring event, set the end date as the last day you have reserved the room in EMS.


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