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We have implemented a standard for library business emails that include the library logo and signature information shown below. If you are using plain (non html) email, then the same signature format should be used sans the logo. Please use Calibri font for text, because it is the default font for body text. Please check that you are incorporating this in library messaging, and that no backgrounds or other encumbrances are included.

We want everyone to be able to recognize a message from the library at a glance. If you need access to the logo or help setting it up correctly, please contact anyone on the C&M staff or see instructions below.

How do I add the TSCPL email signature?

PC UsersPC Users Web AppMAC Users

PC Users

Here are the steps to add it to Outlook:

  1. Open up this Word Document: PC-Outlook-Signature-TSCPL
    (There are 3 options for signatures)
  2. Change the information in the one you want to use 
  3. Click and drag to highlight the logo and text
  4. Copy (Ctrl C) it from Word
  5. In Outlook select the Signature drop down in the Message tab then pick Signatures
  6. Either edit an existing one or create a new one (such as “Stay Curious”)
  7. Ctrl V (paste) into the Edit signature space (the logo will not display but it is there)
  8. Choose whether it gets used as a new message or replies or both in the Choose default signature area
  9. Select OK to save and close
  10. Be sure to select your new signature for new messages (and/or replies/forwards).
  11. Test by drafting a new email.

PC Users (Outlook Web App)

The Outlook Web App does not allow the same functionality as the full Outlook client. So if you  have access to the regular Outlook client set the signature there. But if not use this:

Michael Perkins
Web Administrator – Multimedia Producer/Artist
(785) 580-4605

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
1515 SW 10th Ave | Topeka, KS 66604-1374

TSCPL logo Stay Curious




  1. Copy the above information (Click and Drag to highlight – CTRL C to Copy):
  2. Go to Web App and select the cog    in the upper right corner. Then Options.
  3. Select Settings on the lefthand side of the page
  4. Paste (CTRL V) in to the email signature section
  5. Change the name, title, phone
  6. Save

MAC Users

  1. Select the contents of the table on top of this Word doc ( Mac-Outlook-email-table ) (There are 2 options for signatures). The easiest way to do this is to place your cursor after the “g” at the end of then hold the mouse button and move the mouse all the way to the beginning of the 150th logotype to select all (everything highlights when selected).
  2. Edit > Copy (command C)
  3. Go to Outlook signatures (In Outlook > Tools > Accounts > Show All > Signatures)
  4. Hit the + sign for a new signature
  5. Paste (command V)
  6. Edit each line by backspacing the above name from the end of the line then type the new information. Don’t select all and delete everything at once because it will lose its style and font sizes.
  7. You may rename your Signature name with “Stay Curious

TSCPL logo Stay Curious




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