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PowerPoint template: Stay-Curious-colors

PowerPoint location: Global/Groups & Teams/COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING/Presentations/2018/SC PowerPoint template/Stay-Curious-template-rev-082721.potx

Please use this PowerPoint template for any presentations made as a representative of the library and its new Stay Curious branding beginning January 2018.

The PowerPoint template contains all of the approved gradient backgrounds, Stay Curious logos and official library logos.

If you would like to include a few graphics with the cut-out brand style, please make the request to Communications & Marketing staff (Karen or Michael) a few weeks before the presentation’s final draft.

The brand & style guide will be ready soon. In the meantime, please do not use any other fonts other than Myriad Pro, Arial, or Helvetica.


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About Karen Watson

Graphic design surrounds us in all aspects; I always want to be involved with that world of color, vividness, expression and interpretation. I have found that my heart is happiest when I am designing for an organization that serves our community. Outside of work, I enjoy life in the country with my family and volunteering. Originally from New Mexico, I enjoy visiting family back home from time to time but consider Kansas home.

2 thoughts on “PowerPoint template – Stay Curious

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Hi! I have clarifying questions – if I am giving a brief presentation at a library program (like at the beginning of my book discussion, about the author/book) I should use this as my template now? If the presentation is not about “the library” but is about a different topic, it is still appropriate/ok to use this template? Can I use the template but not use the strategic goal and general library slides on a presentation about a specific topic (like John O’Hara’s Appointment in Sammara, for example.) Thanks!

  2. Karen Watson on said:

    Great questions. When representing the library, we should use the new branded PowerPoint template. You may hide the Community Impact Goals and Core Values slides if talking about a specific topic.

    If you have an existing PowerPoint, it will take a little finessing but you should be able to import/insert the Stay Curious template into your existing ppt. There are a couple tricks to get the new template on the background and fonts used on each slide. You can either call me or Michael and we’ll help out or Google how to insert a PowerPoint template.
    For PC users:
    1. Open your existing presentation.
    2. Choose Format from menu on the top and click on Slide Design.
    3. Slide Design will be displayed on the right side of your presentation. Click on Browse to select template.
    4. Navigate to the template on your computer and click Apply.