Kansas State Parks Passes: launching May 1

The library is participating in a new program offered in partnership with the Northeast Kansas Library System. Details about the program can be found at this webpage: https://tscpl.org/state-park-passes

Beginning Sunday, May 1 through the end of this year, we will be distributing single day vehicle permits at the customer service desk. Staff working the desk will write the date the customer plans to use the permit on the front of the permit ticket. Permits do not need to be returned. We will offer one permit per customer vehicle. Customers may receive multiple single day permit tickets over the remaining months of this year.  We are not keeping track of customer names and who’s already received a permit.

The permit ticket look like this:

The tickets have an ID number linked to our library written on the front of them. We have to write the date the ticket will be used on the ticket before handing it to the customer. This means the customer has to pick a specific day they plan to use the pass. We are unable to issue multiple tickets to customers who aren’t sure what day they want to go or who plan to go for several days to one or more parks. For each visit a customer makes to the customer service desk, the rules are this:

1 permit ticket = 1 vehicle entry valid for 1 specific day at any of 28 Kansas state parks

While these tickets are free to customers, we are paying $5.00 per ticket for the permit passes. We will be monitoring quantities and ordering additional permits as needed.

Please share any questions you have about this program in the comments section. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Kansas State Parks Passes: launching May 1

  1. Kimberly Sain on said:

    This is first come/first served (no holds or calling ahead to hold), and the library received a bundle of 25 passes, correct? Thanks! Great service.

  2. Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

    Yes, that is correct Kim. We purchase these tickets in bundles of 25. There are no holds or reservation system to obtain a permit ticket. They simply need to come to the customer service desk and let us know what day they would like a permit for and we’ll issue one to them. Thanks for asking!

  3. Natalie Allen on said:

    how exactly do we get the passes? do we print them off like with the discovery center passes or are they something physical already like the zoo passes? what if one is lost or not used on the day they say they will use the pass?

    • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

      The passes are pre-printed tickets that will be at the Customer Service Desk. They are yellow and look like a big ticket. You will write the date the customer wants to use the pass next to “Date” on the ticket. As far as use is concerned, we have no way to know if they actually used it on the day we issued it for or if they used it at all. If they were to lose it and ask for another, I think we would issue another one to them. Hopefully most or all customers will enjoy the program without any difficulties.

  4. Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

    Update: there are 28 state parks in Kansas, not 22 as I originally stated. However 2 state parks: Flint Hills Trail and Prairie Spirit Trail do not require a vehicle permit. Unless a customer specifically states they are visiting one of those 2 parks that don’t require a permit, please issue them a permit. And you don’t need to ask what park they are visiting though I imagine a few people will volunteer that information to you when getting a permit. Thanks!

    • Natalie Moreland on said:

      Kaw River State Park also does not require a permit; though with that park being here in Topeka I expect many people would be more aware.

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