changes to Overdrive legacy app

Changes are coming this year with the legacy (non-Libby) Overdrive app. Overdrive is moving away from their legacy app and fully to Libby-only as the app to use. This week, the legacy Overdrive app was removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft store. Users who have the OverDrive app (mobile or desktop) already installed will still be able to use it without disruption. All users can continue to access our OverDrive website. Libby users are unaffected by these changes.

Overdrive will be sending in-app messages to current users of the legacy app encouraging them to move to Libby. As of the beginning of this year, Overdrive says it will sunset the legacy app by the end of 2022.

Overdrive has also shared that they are working to incorporate a purchase request option into the Libby app and to get connectivity for Kindle users within Libby. They have not shared a specific timeline for these changes. Currently, purchase requests can be placed via the Overdrive website or the legacy app.

For our customers, the main thing to know is that customers using Overdrive for the first time need to access it via our website or through Libby. For customers still using the legacy app, we are encouraging them to move to Libby and enjoy all the same content as they’ve been enjoying. An important note that is always worth repeating: Libby = Overdrive. All content we purchase from Overdrive is available through Libby.

The ebooks Team is aware of these changes and is ready to assist customers who have questions or require assistance in transitioning from the legacy app to Libby. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “changes to Overdrive legacy app

  1. Natalie Allen on said:

    so, just to clarify, if i want to read an Overdrive eBook, i can still do that in a web browser?