Changes to Overdues and Notices

What happened in March

In March, we made significant changes to the library’s circ rules:

  • We stopped sending all notices
  • We suspended overdue fees
  • We started allowing Free Days at check-in (30 days)
  • We changed the renewal limit for all circulating items to 25 (was 3)
  • We started using Express collections to fill holds
  • We set everything to auto-renew *
    *While most items do auto-renew, there continue to be exceptions (just like before). Both patron and item blocks can stop the process.

What happens next

When Curbside Pickup opened, we only turned on Hold notifications. Everything else remains in place. Overdue fees are still suspended. All items checked out are still renewing.

We’ve worked on a plan to return to ‘normal’
  • July 20 – turn on all notices except billing (auto renew, cancel, overdue, fines).
    nothing is overdue and we are still fine free, so these notices should be nominal
  • Sept 20 – roll back renewal limit to 10
  • TBD (early fall) – turn on Billing notices.
  • TBD (early fall) – Stop filling holds with express collections
    possibly the same time the library allows unmediated browsing
  • TBD (late fall)– stop allowing renewals of items on hold
    – roll back renewal limit to 3
    – turn off Free Days at check-in
  • TBD (not before January) – start charging overdue fees (uncheck all Days not fineable)
    – turn on Unique Management collection notifications.

One thought on “Changes to Overdues and Notices

  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Thanks Paul, this is a really helpful overview of the plan as it stands today!