Staff Holds

All staff holds will be processed, checked out to the staff member and sent to their office, desk, cubby, via interoffice mail.

This process will not be a change for most of you but in the past some have preferred to pick up their holds in the Holds Pick-Up Room. To be most efficient I have decided that we will treat all staff holds the same.

Staff can come into the library to pick up their holds from their desks but must follow safety procedures when in the building. This means that they must have a mask on to enter the building. They must practice social distancing when in the building. This is hard to do as we walk through hallways so be mindful of if someone is already in the hallway before you start down the hallway. Again, staff not assigned to work can come into the building to get their holds and then must leave.

All holds will have been quarantined for at least 72 hours.

If you normally pick up your family’s holds let me know who you want to pick up holds for and we will process their holds the same way we process yours.

2 thoughts on “Staff Holds

  1. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Will BKM staff holds be brought over to their desks at the 1020 building? Thanks!