TSCPL@School – Barcode Changes for Hayden Students

Hayden students are using as their TSCPL@School barcode, an 8-character alpha-numeric string to access library resources both on-line and here at the main library.  Hayden is the only school in the TSCPL@School program using alphabetic characters (HHS) in the barcode field.  All other participating schools are using a School District number instead, e.g. 437, 501, etc.  We’re making a change to the barcode number Hayden students use.  This change only effects Hayden High School students.  No other students or schools are affected.

Current barcodes for Hayden students are of the form HHSXXXXX.  We’ll be changing “HHS” to the numbers “8572”, e.g. 8572XXXXX.  Why 8572?  8572 is the building number for Hayden on the KS Dept. of Education website.  Using the state numbering system for schools will be the model for any other Catholic or private schools that might choose to participate in TSCPL@School at some future time.

This change will be made during the weekend of February 8-9.  Exactly when during that weekend has not been determined.

No other account information is changing.  Think of it as simply replacing a card for a regular customer.  Nothing about the account changes except for the barcode field.  Note that NO change is being made to the student PIN.  That will remain the same as it was.

Why do we need to change?  It is to allow Hayden students to use the kiosks to check out physical library materials.  If we don’t remove the letters HHS from the barcode, we’ll have to change touch-screen keypads on the kiosks.  Most customers seem to like the current keypad set-up and it’s the one they are familiar with.

If you are helping a TSCPL@School customer with a login issue after the weekend of February 8-9 and that customer is a Hayden student please check to make sure they are using the correct info in the barcode field.  Enter 8572 rather than HHS as the prefix to their student ID number.

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