Payment Plans

We offer payment plans to help customers who have charges continue to use the Library while they pay off those charges.  The goal is to pay the charges off in six months.  We start the conversation by suggesting they make payments of 1/6 of the total amount due or $15.00, whichever amount is larger.  If the amount is higher than they can afford every month for six months we ask them what amount they can afford to make each month and will usually set up the plan for the amount they can afford.  We stress that customers need to make payments at least every 30 days.

While customers are on a payment plan, and have a dollar amount due on their account, they will not be able to use our self-service check-out kiosks.  They will have to check out at the Customer Service Desk.  We also limit the customer to two items checked out on their account.

If the customer doesn’t make a payment for 45 days we remove them from the payment plan.  They will have to start a new payment plan.

If you don’t work in Circulation, and want to know if a customer is on a payment plan, look for these two comments in the general blocks area of their account:  Payment Plan in Progress and Exempt from Debt Collection.

Customers who are on a payment plan can avoid either going to collection if they get on the plan earlier enough and saving themselves $15.00 or if they were already in collection we suspend the collection agency’s activity and they can avoid letters and phone calls from the collection agency.  The collection agency we use is Unique Management and while we have approved the wording of the letters and the wording used in conversations getting contacted by any collection agency is not fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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