Overdrive catalog records: we’re moving to a new solution with BiblioCommons

We’re moving to a new solution for Overdrive records. For years, we’ve been cataloging Overdrive content. Records arrive in batch files from Overdrive and are worked through by a cataloger. Records are then imported into Polaris for display in the Polaris client, LEAP, and BiblioCommons.

Beginning March 30th, we’re moving to BiblioCloud Records with BiblioCommons.

What does this mean?

  • Staff will no longer see Overdrive records in Polaris and LEAP. You will use BiblioCommons to view Overdrive records via the library catalog. We will cease to have catalog records for Overdrive content in Polaris as BiblioCommons will retrieve catalog records directly from Overdrive through an API.
  • Customers will experience no changes in the way they experience Overdrive content in BiblioCommons. All our active license Overdrive content will display in BiblioCommons.
  • There are no changes with our Overdrive catalog on our Overdrive Digital Downloads page. This change only impacts the Polaris client and LEAP.

Why did we make this change?

We receive cataloging records from Polaris that are not high quality and require hours of cataloger intervention before we put them into Polaris.

We have a delay of a few days to more than a week between when we purchase content at Overdrive and when we get the MARC record files for that purchased content. This is confusing to staff and customers when they see the new content at Overdrive but don’t see it in the catalog. With BiblioCloud records, this time delay should disappear since BiblioCommons is looking in real-time at our Overdrive collection.

Most of what we purchase at Overdrive is on a metered plan. This means we only have it for a certain amount of time or checkouts before we have to make a retention/re-purchase decision about it. Catalogers spend time in Polaris each week clearing out cataloging records for licenses that are expiring. With BiblioCloud records, we will no longer have to do this. Result: cleaner catalog with real-time accuracy.

This change only affects Overdrive records. We are making no changes at this time to hoopla records. You will continue to see hoopla records in the Polaris client and LEAP.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email me or comment on this post. Thank you!


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