Digital Magazines: new titles at Overdrive + renewals at Flipster

We’ve made changes to our digital magazine titles at Overdrive and Flipster. Here’s the scoop:

For Overdrive, we’ve added new titles to our digital magazine collection. We now have 73 unique magazine titles at Overdrive. This includes a number of titles that have been available only through Flipster but are now available through Overdrive. Check out the complete Overdrive magazine collection to see all the titles.

Overdrive magazines can be checked out by any Overdrive user. Magazine checkouts do not count against a customer’s checkout limit. They can check out as many magazines as they want to. Magazines are available via the Overdrive website, Overdrive app, and Libby. Please encourage customers who’ve been exclusively using Flipster to explore Overdrive magazines.

We are continuing to offer Flipster magazines. Flipster has a number of popular magazine titles that are currently unavailable at Overdrive. We have 49 unique magazine titles at Flipster. There are no changes in how customers check out magazines via Flipster.

After April 1st, we will no longer have duplicate magazine titles at Overdrive and Flipster. I moved all the titles available at both Flipster and Overdrive over to Overdrive only.

We will update our catalog records in Polaris/BiblioCommons to reflect these changes.

If you’d like a PDF of the titles and which vendor they are aligned with, here you go:

Digital Magazines Flipster vs Overdrive 2019

Any questions about these changes, please email me or comment here. Thank you!


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