Email Campaign to New Customers

We are working on a new initiative to encourage new library card holders to become regular library users.

We are partnering with a company called Patron Point to develop email messaging that will go out to people who sign up for a card or to those whose cards are nearing deletion due to no use.  We’ve noticed that many people who signup for a card online never come in to complete the process and actually get a card.  Working with Patron Point, we’ll now be following up quickly with a series of emails that explain what to do next and showcase the variety of items they can access with their new card.

We plan to kickoff this campaign Monday January 29 when emails will begin going out to new online card applicants. Once we receive an online application, the applicant will receive a string of 5 messages within 15 days. Working with other libraries across the country, Patron Point has expertise on when to contact customers. All the emails will come from a TSCPL email address.  Actually, to the customer it will look like the email has come from Gina Millsap.  Any replies will come directly to us at LibAnswers.  Just treat these replies as you would any question or request for information and provide the appropriate response. Patron Point’s name won’t show up on any messages. If a customer doesn’t want to receive emails related to this campaign, they will be able to click “unsubscribe” on any message they receive.

You might get questions from customers about this and I wanted you to know in advance what was happening and why.  Let me know if you have questions.

2 thoughts on “Email Campaign to New Customers

  1. Jacob Ziegler on said:

    A couple of questions:
    If people mark these messages as spam, will that effect our notices that go out from the library or will the e-mails come from a different domain but appear to come from Gina?
    I know we have several technology challenged customers when it comes to e-mails. If they respond saying they would like to unsubscribe to the e-mail, is there a way we can unsubscribe for them without actually having the e-mail we sent them? My thinking is if one of our patrons comes into the library and would like to unsubscribe, is there a link we can go to and paste their e-mail in to unsubscribe for them?

  2. Shannon Eddings on said:

    we don’t really have any way to control what emails customers mark as spam, so it is possible when a customer marks one of the welcome emails, they will do it in a way that our whole domain is included.

    It’s my understanding that unsubscribing is different from marking an email as spam, so the customers who don’t want the welcome will simply use the unsubscribe link that is in every email from Patron Point.

    Keep in mind these welcome emails only affect new customers.