Periodicals temporarily moved to former reference room

Today is the day that the wood cases in the Periodicals Room are removed so they can be transformed into new cases to be installed in the North Reading Room. All of the magazines + the Topeka Capital Journal and KC Star newspapers have been temporarily relocated to the SE corner of the former reference room. Here’s a photo of their new, temporary spot:

Customers will not have access to the Periodicals Room during the time that the old shelving is being taken down and the metal shelving goes up. Once the metal shelving is in place, Tech Services will put the magazines back in the room in the order they were in before.

I created some simple arrow signs directing people from the closed doors of the Periodicals Room to their temporary location. Please assist anyone with questions or confusion. Hopefully, we’ll have the room put back together by the afternoon.

3pm Update

The wood shelving has been removed and our ever-awesome Facilities crew has installed metal shelving for the magazines to reside on until they make their permanent move to the North Reading Room. Tech Services staff will begin placing current issues on the shelves in the Periodicals Room this afternoon, followed by back issues. An important note: we are putting the magazines in A to Z title order instead of the categories they’ve been arranged in.

Why A to Z? Three reasons:

  1. We ran short on the slant shelving the current issues (the ones in blue binders) sit on.
  2. Because we don’t have spare shelving, we’d have to cozy up in the layout for a few categories. As we don’t have the spare shelving to give each category its own column of shelving, we think it will be confusing to customers to have one category on the top shelves and another on the bottom, especially with the challenges of delineating the categories with signage placed mid-shelf.
  3. Our clip-on signage doesn’t work as well with the metal shelving and we need more signage when they are arranged in categories than if they are in straight A to Z title order.

Once they’ve made the move to the North Reading Room, our plan is to put them back in the same categories they were in before. But for this transition period of 4 to 6 weeks, they’ll be shelved A to Z by title.

A big thanks to everyone who assisted with this project today.

Any questions, please ask.

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