DVD Checkout Limits Increasing

As you know, demand for DVDs and Blu-Ray continues to grow. As we have ample collections to support increased use as well as some crowding issues on the shelves, particularly in the Media Center, we’re making a change in the checkout limits for Entertainment and Non-Fiction DVDs.  These changes will apply to DVDs and Blu-Ray in the Media Center, Youth Services, and in Bookmobile collections.

Beginning Tuesday November 10th the checkout limits for Blu-Ray/Entertainment DVDs and Non-Fiction DVDs with a 21-day checkout period will increase from 6 to 8 per card.  Express checkout limits are not changing at this time.  The limit on those collections will remain at 2 per card.

Work remains to be done. We’ll need to update signs and any informational postings on the Digital Branch.  Unfortunately, printed materials cannot be as easily changed but will be updated with the new information in future versions as they are created.  It’ll be important that you communicate to customers to let them know about the new limits.  We’re confident that most customers will be very pleased to hear the news!

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