NF DVD / audio book move

This Wednesday and Thursday we will be interfiling the NF DVDs in with the nonfiction books.  Audio books will then be moved on Friday to the vacated NF DVD shelving in the Media area.  Here are a few things to know:

  • On Wedneday the display on HIP will read "Nonfiction Adult" for the NF DVDs (the same as NF books) .
  • DVDs that fit into neighborhoods will be filed within the appropriate neighborhood which will be noted on the catalog.
  • The same limits will apply to NF DVDs as they always have.
  • There is now a documentary section in the entertainment DVD area.  These titles will be treated as entertainment DVDs and will apply to that limit.
  • The documentary section features documentaries that were theatrically released.
  • On Friday the display on HIP will show that the audio books are located in the Media room.
  • Audio books on learning foreign languages will be interfiled with the regular nonfiction books.
  • The shelves in the west wing may be fairly tight for a while and we will need to use top and bottom shelves in some instances.  However, once we start shifting for more neighborhoods this should alleviate this problem.

If anyone is willing to help with the shift we would love to have you.  The NF DVD shift will basically just be interfiling carts of NF DVDs in with the books, so even if you only have a half an hour or so however much you can help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.   Thanks.

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