Blu-ray is on its way

The library will begin purchasing Blu-ray discs next Wednesday and they will be made avaialble to the public on Monday, January 4, 2010.  Blu-ray discs will only be located in the DVD dispenser and will be included in the 2 item limit placed on materials in the dispenser.  There will be a separate Blu-ray category on the dispenser database, and the format will be noted on all of the Blu-ray titles.  Titles will begin to show up in HIP next week.  However, as is the case with video games, titles will not allow reserves as they will only be available  through the dispenser.  Blu-ray titles will have separate records on Horizon from DVDs of the same title.   Blu-ray discs cannot be played on regular DVD players.  They must be played on systems designated for Blu-ray discs.

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