2022 Library Budget

Earlier this year the state of Kansas passed Senate Bill 13 which requires governing bodies to notify the public and hold a public hearing prior to approving a budget that would exceed its revenue neutral rate for property tax purposes. This means that local taxing agencies, such as the library, must notify the public if its total budget in real dollars (regardless of the tax rate) will exceed the previous year’s budget. Our proposed 2022 budget exceeds the 2021 budget, although our tax rate will decrease.

The Topeka Capital Journal has published the 2022 Notice of Hearing to Exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate and Notice of Budget Hearing in today’s (August 13th) paper.  We are required to publish this at least 10 days before our public hearing, which will be on August 26th.

Below are a few talking points and some helpful information in case you receive any questions about the budget.

    • The library’s mill rate will be going down next year. The mill rate is used in combination with property value to determine the taxes collected.
    • Because our mill rate is going down, if someone’s property valuation has stayed the same, then the taxes they pay to the library will go down.
    • A slight increase in property valuation could also result in a decrease in taxes to the library. It depends on how much their property valuation increases.
    • An increase in property valuation will likely result in an increase in the amount in taxes someone will pay to the library, even though our tax rate has decreased.
    • The ad valorem tax revenues in the proposed 2022 budget are expected to increase $459,469 over the 2021 budget due to increased property valuations throughout the county. This is a 2.7% increase over 2021.
    • The budget increase is necessary so that the library can continue to provide excellent services at our current levels and account for cost increases we are experiencing in several areas.
    • The proposed budget can be found at https://tscpl.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Board-Budget-Work-Session-2-Packet.pdf. This includes a narrative that helps explain the budget in greater detail.
    • The budget has not been officially approved by the board yet. The board will vote on the budget at the board meeting on Thursday, August 26th, at 5:00 PM in the auditorium.  The Revenue Neutral Rate hearing and budget hearing will occur during this meeting and will be at 5:30 PM.
    • This meeting (as well as all board meetings) is open to the public. There is a public comment section if anyone would like voice their opinion.
    • Once the budget is approved by the board of trustees it will be posted with all of the other approved budgets at https://tscpl.org/about/budget-audits.

If you have questions or concerns, or receive any inquiries with which you need assistance, please feel free to contact Kim or Thad. Thanks.

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