July CEO & COS Reports

Read the CEO_COS Reports July 2021 to find out the latest library information that was shared with the library Board of Trustees on July 15. These reports include department highlights and are taken directly from the Board Packets that are available to everyone. View any attachments referenced in the reports in the full July Board Report.

2 thoughts on “July CEO & COS Reports

  1. Sherry Best on said:

    I’m curious, I notice that Gallery stats aren’t included in the stats report. Do we need to be reporting them at a different time, or in a different way? Thanks.

  2. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Hi Sherry, the Gallery Attendance is included on the statistics report. The report is usually the last part of the board packet. If you look at July’s board packet, it’s on page 95. Zan sends the numbers each month to Kelli so they’re included in the statistics.