Phase 4 begins on Monday April 5, 2021- More details

We are making a few changes to increase customer offerings and streamline some processes.

  • A new hourly announcement is being recorded which will be shorter and focus on the importance of wearing a mask when in the library.  The announcement will occur at 5 minutes before each hour.
  • The front doors will be open beginning 8:00 am to accommodate early morning meetings.
  • Food and drinks are limited to the Café, a catered meeting, and the Courtyard.  Customers should not be eating or drinking anywhere else in the library.

Meeting Rooms and Team Rooms

Menninger and Anton are available for customers to book and will be limited in seating capacity.  Each room will accommodate 6 people.

Hughes and Perkins rooms will remain spaces that staff can use for lunch or break.

Team Rooms 1-4 and 6-8 will be available and customers can check them out on a first come, first served basis at the Customer Service desk.  We are keeping Team room 5 closed so we can use it for staff who are working in the space.  Bookmobile staff will cover that space Monday-Saturday and ILL staff will cover the space on Sundays.

Team Rooms are for two people.  They will be available for 90 minutes like all the other computers.  The Team Rooms will not be locked and the staff will be available if they have any questions or concerns.

All other computers are for individual use only.

Computer Spaces
The computer spaces in Phase 4 are Marvin, The Edge and Media.  The Learning Center no longer will have computers in there. Computer Sign up will remain at Customer Service and the staff will continue to rotate customers through the spaces as we have in previous phases.  The scanner computer will be moved to the Media room. Printing continues to be free for the first 25 pages/day. If customers need to print additional pages it is .10/page. Only black and white prints are available at this time.

Grab n Go service is being redesigned in order to streamline the process and reduce the number of steps it takes to implement the service.  Lissa has posted a separate News2Use post highlighting the details of this new service. We will no longer give away bags for Grab n Go. The 150th bags are all gone. Customers who want to purchase a green bag can go to Customer Service.

Notary Services appointments will be conducted at the table in the Large Print area where they were in the Fall and still must be booked ahead of time. Customers with notary appointments should check in at the customer service desk.

Copy Center will return to self-service and will no longer be free.  Copies will be $.10/ page and black and white only.  If customers need help, the ILL staff working the Customer Service desk can help while maintaining a six-foot social distance. The Copier in the Teamwork Center will be available as well. Customers can make color copies on the copy machine $.50/page.

Collection area staffing

Staff will begin to work in Media, Teamwork Center and Kids Library again in order to add more visibility as well as resolve directional and basic collection help. Each area will have a service point with plexiglass. Staff will be able to direct customers to collections or help customers with a quick computer issues while maintaining a six-foot distance.  The only collections available are the ones that are currently on the service floor.  All other items can be placed on hold by customers.

Proctoring service
Students who need to have a test proctored will book an appointment with the Public Service staff and we will use a Team Room 5 to proctor the tests.

All the other areas or services are the same as the previous phase.

  • The Gallery will continue to be open, the Topeka Room will only be available for appointments.
  • Customers and staff are still required to wear masks We will still require customers and we are still encouraging social distancing and hand washing.

We continue to plan each phase with the goals of being essential and needed services. maintaining safety protocols and ideally maintaining low stress.  

We will be updating all the talking points and service point procedures on the Intranet and at each area.

15 thoughts on “Phase 4 begins on Monday April 5, 2021- More details

  1. donna-casey on said:

    So, no more than 2 people in the team rooms? And will the fax machines remain where they are?

  2. Natalie Moreland on said:

    What’s the plan for enforcing mask-wearing for the people who enter between 8-9 am?

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      Staff who are in the space will be asked to remind customers about our mask requirements. We will have Security in the space during that time. If you come up on someone without a mask please remind them of our requirement.

  3. Kimberly Sain on said:

    If someone adds too much money to their guest pass for photocopying or computer printing, can they get a refund for the balance at the customer service desk?

  4. Sherry Best on said:

    Is printing still free, or will there be the same 10 cent charge as copying?

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      Customers can still get 25 free black & white prints when using a computer daily. Additional prints are $.10/page.

  5. Natalie Allen on said:

    so if people need a color copy, they have to go to the team room area?

    • Debbie Stanton on said:

      Hi Natalie and all… Autumn and I just tested this and customers can do $0.50 color copies from either of the copy machines (Copy Center and Teamwork Area). Customers still cannot make color prints from the print release stations, though. Thanks! Debbie

  6. Meredith Snepp on said:

    Is this information going to be added somewhere on the website? I’ve had a few customers who have seen outdated info related to places like the Team Rooms.

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      I will review the What you Can Do now page. We will not have specific details like exact numbers because we are changing it as we need to. Case in point the numbers of people who can be back in the library in an hour. We will probably just indicate a limited number of people.

  7. dawn-buttery on said:

    If they bring their own laptop do they still get assigned 90 minutes at a computer station or can they use the north reading room for up to 2 hours? Is time in the courtyard limited? I had a gentleman ask because family is going to visit and needs to work remotely. I told him what I knew of the time limit and explained that was to keep the numbers in the building at one time down. I recommended the parking lot if more than the 90 minutes is needed and a few coffee shops in town that have wifi and patios.

  8. Marie Pyko on said:

    If they come in with a laptop they will be considered a Grab n Go person and will get a sticker so it is generally 90 minutes. We haven’t determined time limits for Phase 5 when we move into it.