Leave Time for COVID Vaccines

Getting a COVID vaccine is not a requirement for staff, but it is something we are encouraging.  In order to make it as easy as possible we will be granting additional leave time to staff who have scheduled a COVID vaccine during regularly scheduled work hours.

For all non-exempt staff, if you have scheduled a COVID vaccine during your regularly scheduled work hours you will be granted up to 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of administrative leave to cover time away from work to get the COVID vaccine.  You will need to notify your supervisor to verify that it works with your schedule and also notify Human Resources so they can add the leave to your timecard.  When you leave to get vaccinated you will clock out and use the administrative leave to cover the time you are gone.  If you are gone more than 90 minutes you will need to use personal leave time to cover the additional time.  Staff will get up to 90 minutes of leave for each of the two doses that are scheduled.  This leave can only be used for time taken to get a COVID vaccination.

Exempt staff should also notify their supervisor of any schedule adjustments, but will not get any additional leave to cover time missed for the vaccine.

Staff who have already gotten the vaccine may contact Human Resources about the possibility of getting additional leave time to cover work time in which personal leave was used.

If you have questions about how this leave works, please contact Human Resources.

If you have not yet scheduled a vaccination time and would like to, Stormont Vail currently has several available openings and the scheduling process is quick and easy.  You can find more information at https://www.stormontvail.org/covid19/vaccine/.

One additional note, choosing whether or not to get a vaccine is a personal health decision, and not everyone will feel comfortable disclosing if or when they are getting vaccinated.  Please respect everyone’s privacy if they choose not to discuss their decision.  Thanks.

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