Phase 3 begins March 1, 2021

We are opening or expanding a few of our services beginning Monday March 1st.

The following services are expanding or opening

  • Millennium Café- 9:00-1:00 Monday-Friday
    • Limited seating in Café, seating in Claire’s Courtyard and Grab n Go- take out.
    • The door from the Cafe into the Media room will not be open at this time.
    • Customers are not permitted to bring food or drink into the main parts of the library which include the computer spaces, Gallery, Topeka room and all collections areas.
  • Gallery open for limited visits.  6 people can be in the Gallery at any one time.
  • Grab n Go service has expanded to 1 hour access to browse, check out, sit and read or just use our Wi-Fi.
    • We have increased the number of passes available.  There will be 25 “Limited Access” Passes at the Grab n Go station.
    • Please direct customers who want to sit and read or use the Wi-Fi to the North Reading Room.  We have added chairs in this space.
    • There are also a few chairs for caregivers to sit if their child wants to visit the aquarium.
    • These service continue to be an independent experience
  • Notary service remains the same process as in Phase 2 however has moved over to directly in front of Team room 7&8.
  • Greeter station
    • We are opening up the space to create a more inviting entrance.  The Greeter station will be equipped with Plexiglas to continue to help staff stay safe.  Security staff will use the Snack station with the exception of 3:30-4:30- Monday-Friday.
  • Topeka Room remains an appointment only service area.  Please let customers they will need to make an appointment to due research in the Topeka Rooms.  We are only using the space for research purposes at this time.

Customer behaviors and expectations

What stays the same

  • We continue to focus on independent use for our customers while using any of our spaces.
  • Staff should continue to inform and enforce the mask requirements which include the type of mask and the need to have it cover their nose and mouth.
  • At this time,  we are still maintaining a one computer-one person requirement.  Exceptions are children in strollers.  Customers are only able to have 1 hour of computer time daily.
  • We are not adding more staff service points at the back of the library at this time.
  • Please enforce the Customer Conduct Policies located

Has changed

  • While we will encourage customers to maintain a six foot distance, we know that customers may come into the space in pairs or groups.
  • You are not expected to intercede in the collections area of the library to enforce social distancing unless it directly interferes with other’s safety.  If you do need to say something, please do so safely and professionally.
  • Customers will have the opportunity to do several different things when they come to the library.  It will be fine if a customer gets a Limited Access Pass for an hour and then goes to the Gallery or uses a computer.
  • Printing change- we will continue to offer 25 pages of B&W printing for free daily. Additional pages will cost $.10/page.  No color printing at this time.

Lunch spaces for staff

We have identified several spaces where you can have lunch.

  • Main building break room- 4 people
  • Public Service conference room- 4 people
  • Claire’s Courtyard- weather permitting
  • All four meeting rooms upstairs- 4 people/room

We have added a microwave in the Old Tech Services space by the sink to heat your lunch if you would like use one of the meeting rooms upstairs.

Thank you to everyone for helping to successfully keep our library open.  Each of you is helping to create a positive experience for each customer who visits us either in person, through curbside, TSCPL@home or online.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Covid 19 Response Team

5 thoughts on “Phase 3 begins March 1, 2021

    • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

      Yes, they will have access to newspapers and magazines. We are following our usual schedule in getting new materials into the room by 9am.

  1. Angie Reed on said:

    I had a question on test proctoring- do we have an estimate for when this service will be available again?